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Recently, Native Del Mar received a lot of media attention - thank you America Trends + CBS8!!

I took part in two different interviews, where I shared Native Del Mar’s story to the public. I got to talk about of all the hard work everyone has put forth and hinted towards ideas of future expansion.

But now I can share about it! Last week I was given the opportunity to meet with the Del Mar City Council and share my future plans concerning Native Del Mar. I discussed our idea of a southern expansion, where our project would continue down to the light that connects Torrey Pines Road to Camino Del Mar, so that we can make this land whole again. Similarly, I announced my future plan of placing a chess table within our property. I hope one day members of our community can sit down and enjoy the beautiful land within Del Mar. I am currently in the process of filling out the proper forms and paperwork necessary to help accomplish our goal.

Though the process towards expansion isn’t as easy or as fast as we had hoped, I am so excited for the future of Native Del Mar. I am so grateful for both the support of the council, and the community in our process towards rehabilitating Del Mar.

As always, I appreciate everyone who helps contribute towards our goals and am so fortunate to have such a large community I know I can rely on.

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