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The Start of 2023- Our Next Project!

With the coming of the new year, I hope everyone created some resolutions which they intend to accomplish. For me, I would like to continue to grow Native Del Mar and to ski and surf as much as I can! (The waves in San Diego have been huge! This past weekend I was able to surf both mornings and it was so much fun!)

Now that we are a week into 2023, I can confidently say I am excited for what 2023 has in store. The recent rains have been amazing for our plants. Our plants are looking healthier than ever! Our newly planted Torrey Pine Trees are starting to look more at home, and our ceanothus is thriving. Though with these plentiful rains, also comes the growth of invasive weeds. To address this issue, Native Del Mar will host an event on the 29th of January that is open to the public. During this event, we will de-weed these invasive plants, helping to clean up our local bluffs! In addition, we will plant wildflower seeds so we can see these flowers blossom and thrive this spring! However, no Native Del Mar event is complete without planting natives! We will purchase native plants at local nurseries and help our new plants find their new homes! Hope you can join me on Sunday, January 29th at 9am!

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