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Spontaneous Clean Up

Hi everyone! I've had an eventful summer of sailing to Catalina and visiting the East Coast! I've currently settled down from my travels and am working at An's Hat Maker's Gelato (the ice cream is amazing).

I wanted to give you an update on the site. Last week we had a last minute cleanup. My uncle was in town (cover photo) and one Sunday morning we decided we wanted to get some work done. I went down there with my Uncle, My father, my Mother, and my friend Rio to try and remove some of the many invasive weeds that have grown in. Primarily, we removed yellow sweet clover, a very invasive weed which was suffocating our native plants. We were able to fill up nine trash bags, while also filling up my dad's truck three times... It was overflowing!

Normally I would invite the whole public to volunteer with us, but sometimes we just head down to the site and put in a couple hours of work. Whether it's planned or last minute- the outcome is always an improvement!

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves at the site this summer. If you're in the area please take a pic and tag us!

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